Financial and legal services including Restructuring and IPO

AP Cyclic gear


Copper Smelting and seamless tubes


Edible oil plant


Biofuel Plant


Steel furniture


Residential and commercial reality


Infrastructural project




Religious and Charitable Trust


Heat exchangers


B2B wholesale travel


Retail tourism


Hotels and resorts


Tourist Taxi and Bus fleet


Large visual Animation studio


Genetic breeding


Large scale Gold / studded ornament manufacturing


Packaging Industry


Thermo forming plastic industry


Logistics for cement Hub (200 deliveries per day)


Medical Testing equipment


Multilocational, multicompany Private safe boxes


Marketing and Export


Testing Equipment, Electronic / Mechanical


Control Relay

India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, UAE,

Power Supply

India, Djibouti,

Motocross Bicycles

Holland, Germany, USA

Electrostatic Surface coating plants

India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahrain,

Scaffolding and Centring 


Steel doors and door frames


Bonduct Panel 

Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore

Copper Seamless Tubes 

India, Shri Lanka, UK, USA,

Automotive springs


Member of exports panel for Mumbai Chamber of Commerce
Member of delegation Singapore economic trade board to Saudi Arabia


Design and technical Services


Electronic Control Relays


Import substitute for High voltage cable (100 KV)


Import substitute for High voltage capacitors and DC power packs (100 KV)


Steel doors and door frames approval by CBRI (Roorki)


3 years MHADA Consultant for low-cost housing


Steel Furniture


Testing system for mechanical timer use in air to surface anti tank  missile under high G conditions


Air cooling systems for forged bombshells


Patent for milling attachment


Help in azimuth drive for radio telescope.


Help in starting PV transmitters at Sinhagad


Help during first 440 KV receiving station in India


Help in design on Floriculture and horticultural projects


Help in Residential and commercial complexes


DC Power supplies


Help in Import substitute of ECG Machine


Help in Drive for missile battery


Systems and Software

Some of the important are as follows..

Multiple Location Financing, production, material, HR and Infrastructure project scheduling, subcontracting and billing and consolidation at central location for more than 20 factories and 300 projects.


Finance Materials, Production and distribution for Pharma


Finance and logistics for cement Hub distributing 2000 MT per day.


B2B travel solution or wholesaler, more than 5000 hotels and 350 agents worldwide, working in 11 currencies and 48 time zones


Consolidation of DGFT, excise and customs tariff and regulations based on HSN


Booking of hotels and room management


Materials and production for medical equipment


Finance, Manufacturing, materials, inventory and sales for Jewellery retailer


B2B online trading for gemstones


Trust management


Web based Furniture


Property stamp duty


Cultural activities

India, UK

Multilocational, Multicompany Private safe boxes


Automated motel Room entry, billing and Payment


Hospital Management


Has managed and created more than 200 websites including on travel website in India having more than 1800 pages. This website was described by Microsoft as ‘Giant Killer” and was given link from Microsoft website.


This software activity was closed in 2017.  However system management is being offered.